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Kalahari Jag & Kamp

Kalahari Jag & Kamp - Kalahari Hunting & CampingKalahari Jag & Kamp was established in 2006 by three friends to finance their private excursions in their love for fishing, hunting and camping. The shop was initially operated from the backyard of one of the friend’s home as a part-time business mainly after hours. At first we were trading in angling and hunting supplies only and gradually added the camping products.

In 2010 the company moved to a 50m² shop in the town of Kuruman and started trading full-time. Kalahari Jag & Kamp gradually expanded in such a way that a bigger premises was required. As one of the desires was to establish a Gun Shop in town, since there was no gun shop in Kuruman for more than 7 years, a premises fitting the specifications for a firearms and ammunition dealer was established.

On the 1st of August 2012 Kalahari Jag & Kamp officially opened their doors in their new 150m² premises at 48 Stewart Street, Kuruman. On the 31st of January 2013 Kalahari Jag & Kamp’s license to trade in firearms and ammunition was approved and a dream of 6 years became a reality.

Due to the demand in the market the company’s focus was concentrated on the hunting, firearms and ammunition fraternity and servicing this market ever since. We specialize in the supply of firearms, ammunition, rifle scopes, binoculars, reloading equipment and accessories, camouflage clothing, knives and much more.

We are stockists and suppliers of all your popular brands in the hunting and shooting industry. We can also assist in your gunsmithing needs, airgun repairs and services.

Contact us for assistance.

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